Monday, July 10, 2006

Lessons for big brands from American Copywriter

Ever had an experience like the one John over at American Copywriter (the blog) just wrote about? I posted a short piece a few days ago here on the CMA - Canadian Marketing blog titled "Little things matter". And they do.

Here is an excerpt from American Copywriter:
"While major brands can't give away the farm and stay in business, there's clearly an opportunity available in the surprise and delight department. Even if it adds some nominal operational cost. Little, inexpensive things carry large, profitable implications. It's sad to say that things that were once taken for granted, now seem like big extra perks."

If you have not heard of American Copywriter -the podcast , don't fret. The thing about digital media, such as blogs and podcasts, is that it is not a broadcast. You have not missed out on anything. It is there waiting for you.

The AC podcast is like a comedy routine between Tug and John. And, it is all there in the archives - ready when you are.


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