Saturday, June 10, 2006

iMedia Connection - eMarketer projects Online Travel and Vacation industry growth

iMedia Connection reports Online Travel Sales to Boom - by Jeffry Grau of eMarketer. The article outlines tremendous growth projections for the Online Travel and Vacation sector. It is based on U.S. market data but reveals unfolding cross-border trends.

The article says:
"eMarketer reports that by 2010 roughly 46 percent of total travel sales will be booked online, second only to computer hardware/software in the B2C category. "

Anyone who has traveled lately has undoubtedly booked online, checked in over web, or avoided lines (well most of the lines at least) by visiting one of those lovely little kiosks, can testify to how travel has changed.

"eMarketer estimates that U.S. online sales of leisure and unmanaged business travel reached a total of $65 billion last year that the total will grow to $122 billion by 2009, a near doubling of the market in just four years. eMarketer's forecast takes into account macroeconomic indicators, historical trends in online travel sales and historical and projected trends in overall retail ecommerce."

A quick look at the recent chart shows travel as the number two e-commerce category projected for 2010 (source Forrester Research, eMarketer).

Check out the eMarketer - iMedia Connection Online Sales Boom article here.


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