Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Welcome Post

Everyday the world of marketing evolves. On our current watch, a transformation has begun to utilize new communication platforms and engage consumers in non-traditional ways. This change has led to a compelling dialogue and debate around what the future of marketing holds.

The Canadian Marketing Association's eMarketing Council has launched this blog to address what the changing landscape means for practitioners. Postings on this site are intended to inform, educate and awaken new thinking and perspectives about marketing - from those who live it, breathe it, and love it.

This is our collective voice across a wide range of marketing disciplines (not limited to digital marketing or new media). It is a forum and a resource from marketers, for marketers - a new network of people speaking, sharing and challenging ourselves to take bold new steps.

In this mode of discussion, everyone has immediate access to join in on the conversation. Has the marketing playbook been revised for better, or for worse? Is new media just a lot of hype, or is it a reality? What channels have consumers embraced, or ignored? Do you measure ROI, or ROC? Well, we hope to uncover that and much more with “ear to the ground” commentary and insights.

Whether you are a member of the CMA or not, your views and opinions matter. Check out our blog policy for some simple-to-follow guidelines.

So, let’s get on with it already. Start sending in your posts and begin building the knowledge.


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