Sunday, August 20, 2006

Open Source

I once thought I had online marketing licked. I then got involved with groups such as the Digital Marketing Council and humility kicked in. Then came reality to this young jedi: "Much work you still have to do yes" (He says in a poor Master Yoda voiceover).

During the past few years, I've learned from wonderful people on the agency side, client side or no side who gave me their advice on many issues. Be it blogging/podcasting, website usability, online advertising, viral marketing, online conversion, technology or general marketing. (And this is only a sample for the sake of brevity.)

This in turn allowed me to become more informed about online marketing but also more effective in my job and career development. Candidly, I wonder why I didn't bother getting more involved sooner.

The reason I love online marketing? It's one of the purest forms of the 'open source' concept I've seen. Most people are willing to help others learn with no costs or strings attached.

Don't believe me? Get involved with the CMA or any organization. Be it CaseCamp, BarCamp, AIMS, whatever. The subsequent results will speak for themselves.


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