Friday, August 04, 2006

The Long Tail vs. Pareto Principle Face Off

For all you fans/readers out there of Wired Magazine editor Chris Anderson's popular new book "The Long Tail" make sure and take note of the back-and-forth debate going on after Lee Gomes's recent Wall St. Journal article questioning a) Anderson's facts and b) the entire proposition that something new is going on here.

Gomes highlights in his article for example that Anderson admitted in an email "misses won't outsell hits for at least another decade" at two of his biggest case studies, Netflix and Amazon - yet there is no mention of this qualifier in the book.

Hmmm. Is the Long Tail over-estimated in the short term and under-estimated in the long term? Read Anderson's rebuttal(s) which now dominate his site and decide for yourself.


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