Monday, August 07, 2006

AIMS - 10 Years Later

The Association of Internet Marketing & Sales is recognizing its 10 year anniversary. And they are in the midst of a revitalization with the help of a new General Manager, Kathryn Lagden and ambitious plans moving forward.

To mark the occasion, AIMS has invited Shel Holz to headline a September 20 event. (I have to confess of not knowing who Shel is – but it seems everyone who touches online does!!)

AIMS is affiliated with CMA so we couldn’t be more pleased with this new energy. And with approx. 5000 members who are now following the CMA Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, and synergy with CMA and in particular, its Digital Marketing Council, marketers will become the real beneficiaries.

Oh, and yes – they have recently come out with their own blog. Wouldn’t it make sense if we can get some cross pollination going?

Happy Anniversary AIMS.


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