Friday, July 14, 2006

Search engine finds people and their affiliations

Maybe I am one of the last persons to know about zoominfo, but it’s a pretty cool site even it's not’s perfect! It locates individuals, connects them to their current and past positions, and other affiliations. It gets some info mixed up, but that is to be expected from the web. Looking to find a long lost colleague or check on a resume detail? Key in your name and see for yourself.


Blogger Parth Shukla said...

How to keep your privacy and sanity? I had heard of zoominfo kind of service and thanks to Sandra checked it out today. But this site just one more in a long list of places to keep contacts, make a network, look up long lost friends and family (linkedin, plaxo, classmates, googlegroups,yahoogroups...) brings an interesting question -- now that everything is public, what does one have to do be relevant & social --- yet not be a billboard on the information super highway. (I don’t like my current picture on the CMA website and now its way too easy to find with zoominfo… I got to spend and get someone to take my better side :) )


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