Monday, July 03, 2006

The Road To Digital Marketing Conference 2006

I recently launched a Podcast, Six Pixels Of Separation, and as I learn all about this new channel for conversation (and marketing), I'm also learning a lot about how to connect with people I have always wanted to have a chat with, but never a platform.

This week, I recorded my seventh episode. Not exactly a milestone just yet, but important for readers of the Canadian Marketing Blog because I began a new segment called The Road To Digital Marketing Conference 2006. The intent is to feature all of the keynote speakers and some key participants as we build up to this amazing two-day conference (which is taking place in Toronto on October 19th and 20th).

My first guest, C.C. Chapman, was a recently announced keynote for Digital Marketing Conference 2006. He is also known as one of the most authoritative speakers on the Podcasting, pod safe music and how marketers can use Podcasting to build business.

C.C. Chapman recently launched his third personal Podcast, Managing The Gray, which deals specifically with new marketing. He is also a huge advocate for Second Life.

You can listen to the full Podcast (it runs about 35 minutes) over here: Six Pixels Of Separation - Episode Seven - Special Guest: C.C. Chapman.

Full disclosure: I sit on the organizing committee for the Digital Marketing Conference 2006 and I will also be a keynote speaker at the event.


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