Thursday, July 27, 2006

More on B2B Blogs

Earlier in the month, we posted a link to Canadian research on B2B blogs from Sirius Decisions. Out of the U.S. – more research to consider:

As reported on BtoB Online:

“Three-quarters of corporate blog owners (76%) said company Web traffic and "media attention" increased as a result of the blogs, according to a study sponsored by Cymfony, a self-described "market influence" analytics company, and public relations agency Porter Novelli.” The study was conducted in the spring in conjunction with Russell Research. The study revealed that 42% said at least one specific post on their blog has affected the company or brand, and in most cases has had a positive effect.”

Big but:

“More than half (57%) said they do not have blogging guidelines in place.”

And not surprising,

“63% reported starting the company's blog because they felt a need to participate in the medium rather than to satisfy a specific objective.”

I think many of us start a blog to participate in the medium - it's how you learn to use it that counts. We are certainly trying.


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