Sunday, July 16, 2006

Little Things Matter Big (For Little Customers)

Further to a post by fellow CMA member Michael Seaton, little things not only matter but pay off in spades when you take care of your 'little' customers.

My 8 year-old relative was recently visiting from South Africa. On the way home, he had a 14 hour layover in London, U.K. and is a fanatical Chelsea supporter. After much pleading he convinced his mother to take him to the stadium despite coming off an all night flight. (Our children make convincing salespeople, no?)

They show up for a stadium tour but it's closed. They ask an employee for directions to the club merchandise store so they can buy a momento.

The employee goes one better. She takes them on a personalized guided tour at no charge. They inspect every nook and cranny of the stadium. They even go in to the team dressing room and he sat in the stall of his favorite player. The little guy was awestruck.

Now if the emotion does not tug at your heart strings, think about it financially. The team just acquired an 8 year old fan for life at no incremental expense.

After the tour his mom dropped £50 in the stadium store. From a 'customer lifetime value' perspective consider all the future jerseys, game tickets, pay per view games and merchandise he will purchase. Not to mention all the word of mouth marketing he will provide to friends, family and school mates.

It doesn't take a financial genius to figure out ROI here. Such a little gesture for a little customer but man did it pay off big.


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