Thursday, June 29, 2006

Leaving the Game

Continuing on the theme of the World Cup, I can't but help but feel badly for Graham Poll, the English referee who just recently retired from international refereeing.

Yes he made a mistake. But his treatment by some sections of the media was nothing short of disgraceful. Did his mistake warrant his home being staked out or the harassment of his family? Who hasn't committed some kind of perceived 'doozie' over their career?

It made me think that as a leader, be it the sports world or marketing world, one must show some compassion when dealing with the errors of others. Be it on a client account, search campaign, email promotion or World Cup game for that matter.

Compassion does not mean comprimising on accountability. It simply allows one to learn from their mistakes and (hopefully) become even stronger in the future. Rather than being forced to leave the game altogether.


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