Monday, June 12, 2006

Canadian Blood Services 'Don't Miss A Beat' campaign

CMA hosts an annual marketing roundtables event - this year’s was held last week. The event borrows from the idea of ‘speed dating’ - where individuals get a chance to spend a short time getting to know a number of different people over the course of an evening. In the case of our marketing roundtables, folks that came learned about some of the newer media and its applications.

In Canada, we often overlook Not-for-profit organizations as organizations that deliver innovative marketing campaigns. At the Roundtable, attendees got a chance to hear about how Canadian Blood Services did just that – they captured the interest of an important market segment - youth - by thinking outside of the box.

Through a three-round online music trivia game at players listened to music clips and answered questions such as the artist’s name and song title – all kinds of music were presented, something for everyone. Can you guess how much time players spent on the site? As much as 12 minutes were spent playing the game by some 110,000 unique visitors.

The campaign also had a successful viral component, through which players could challenge their friends. 20% of visitors sent the link to their friends and 40,000 visitors to the site signed up to receive more information on blood donation. It was a winning partnership for Yahoo! Canada and Dell Canada who sponsored the event with prizes. Blood donors visiting Canadian Blood Services locations during the campaign were given ballots for chances to win prizes if they visited the site.

The game was addictive - lots of buzz around it. Those exposed to the game learned about the value of giving blood and getting engaged early on in life – and hopefully for life. The contest is over and the online trivia game is no longer online (not that I could find) - but its wow factor lingers on.


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