Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Bluddite's Opinion on RSS

Ok, I'll admit that only a few months ago I was a blog luddite or a 'bluddite' (copyright) if you will. So with encouragement from others in the CMA, I got onboard the blog bandwagon and started reading blogs and downloading podcasts. Only so much space for U2 on iPod after all.

One blog related technology that I'm starting to appreciate is RSS. In fact, many large companies and organizations are now inserting RSS feeds on their websites and corporate blogs.

Some colleagues (whose opinions I respect) have asked if RSS feeds will kill newsletters in a year or eat their lunch. Others take an opposing view that RSS is not a replacement for email.

Opinion of one, it's probably somewhere in the middle. RSS is still in the early adopter phase and hasn't gone mainstream yet. When it does, RSS could increase at the same exponential rate of growth that email and search marketing did in the past few years.

However, I recall some prophesizing years ago email spelled the extinction of direct mail. So I'm unsure RSS will wipe out email per se but it will have an impact. Each business must evaluate how RSS can be incorporated in future marketing efforts. This former bluddite certainly is...


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